In the garden

We had a lovely weekend spent at Graham’s parent’s house.  What I like best is that they live near the coast, have a huge garden and a cosy wood burning stove.  It is utter bliss for this town dweller.

Another benefit of visiting your family is the access to people on hand to help out.  Beth and Arthur are both suffering from a cold so it was great to have extra people to help with two snotty, cranky children.  Graham and I really needed a good rest, especially because poor Arthur is finding it difficult to feed during the night with a blocked nose and a tongue tie.  Thankfully last night he cracked breast feeding with me lying down so a better nights sleep was had. He is waking every two hours to feed so things are going fine otherwise.



Shore wood drying out in the green house for future projects.


The boys made a patio for outside the french doors to our house.  It’s a high step into the garden so they took three wooden pallets and made two wide steps.  It still needed stained but they did a great job for three men, a vague idea, and too many hammers!




Poor sick Arthur.  He is such a relaxed, calm baby.  What a tonic for his father who has two crazy females to live with 🙂


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