Summer Bucket List

This time last year I had just started working in a windowless department in a busy hospital.  It was a post I had always dreamed of working and yet once I was there I quickly learned that this area of nursing was far from the type of nurse I wanted to be.  I’ve always been pulled towards the caring side of nursing but because of the fast turn around in this department there was little time to do anything more than introduce yourself, and that’s if the patients responsive.  So last summer was a bit of a bummer.  I wasn’t happy where I was working and I hated being away from my family three days a week.  I’d leave for my 12 hour shift when Beth was asleep and would return home to her sleeping or desperately trying to stay awake.

After the summer things began to adjust.  I changed departments and went down to part time hours, and Beth became more settled to her new routine.  However, that summer was pretty tough.  And so from that I really want to take advantage of my maternity leave this summer and make the most of the warmer days with my family and friends.  Especially as two of my closest friends are emigrating in the coming months (one at the end of this month, boohoo!)

So when I found this in The Happy Family movement blog I felt inspired to participate and, well, here is our summer bucket list.

2013 Summer’s Bucket list

Swim in sea/lake

Have a BBQ with friends

Picnic in the park

Visit muddy boots farm

Make our own beer

Go fruit picking

Make a summer scrap book

We are beginning the fun today so I will update here as we go along 🙂



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