family weekend

The weather was forecast to be good this weekend so Graham and I cancelled our plans and headed out of the city in a quest for fresh air, friendly animals and a bit of family time.

Not having a set plan but rather a vague idea of where we were going we aimed in the direction of Loch Lomond because my Dad’s house is near by.  That way should we want to stay over we had the option.  It was a lovely weekend and we met many friendly horses, sheep, and a herd of Fallow deer that came to say hello between a fenced off part of the forest.





And look at THIS crazy horse! Heehee!


I’ve been trying to improve my botanical knowledge recently because I like knowing the names of different trees and plants, so I took some photos of plants I could identify.  This was utterly thrilling (note the sarcasm) for Graham and Beth but Arthur seemed to enjoy what I showed him…..

Apple blossom


wild garlic


Graham seems to be making a habit of splitting his trousers every time we go on a trip far from home.  It is always hysterically funny because he just goes with the flow and lets the rip get wider as he climbs about with Beth. People passing by must wonder if he’s noticed!

dean castle 141


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