watch with baby

Arthur turned 7 weeks this week and it felt about time for us to go on our first date.  Really up till now he’s just fitted into our weekly routine of play dates, exploring, gardening, and house chores, and he hasn’t had much one to one time with me.  So when Beth was at kindergarten on Tuesday I ignored the mountain of clothes and nappies begging me to wash them and we headed out. Tuesday was such a hot sunny day and like any well organised Mama I scrambled out the house and ended up in the cinema of all places.  The local cinema shows each week a movie that’s baby friendly.  This means the volume is a bit lower and the lights are only just dimmed so you aren’t lost trying to find your baby’s mouth while breast feeding in total darkness.  The movie was “The Hangover 3” which was good enough.  Plus you get a free coffee and the chance to sit of a comfy sofa.  I got there an hour before it started as I remember it being crowed whenever I brought Beth as a baby and I REALLY wanted that sofa to sit on.  However, I needn’t have rushed because while I spent my morning in the cinema every other Mama in town was probably in the park or something.  So it was Arthur, me, and 30 empty seats.  But I loved it.  I read the news paper and drank my coffee then enjoyed the movie while Arthur slept next to me on the sofa, wakening only for breast feeds and cuddles.  Utter bliss.





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