Two best friends


I met my friend Grace at an NCT birthing class on the last trimester of our pregnancies. I was a 23 year old student nurse and nowhere ready to starting a family. Graham wasn’t much better, he was a student too. Everyone in the group was married, had a mortgage, drove an expensive car, had a cleaner, and for some reason, worked as a teacher. Everyone except from Grace and her partner Tim that is. They were very different.   It was her second pregnancy, she had tattoos and nose piercing, wasn’t married, didn’t have a cleaner, and I was instantly drawn to her warm and kind nature.   From that day we have been good friends and our kids have a very special bond, especially because they are only 12 hours apart in age.   It’s hard to find the words to describe how I feel about Grace and her family but I know they will always have a place in my families heart, even when they move far away at the end of the summer. And I hope we will always be friends.






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