Turning Four


Last week my sweet, kind, considerate daughter turn four.  Birthdays are always special and I like to spread the person’s celebration over a week, rather than over one intense day of excitement. Why have one day when you can have seven?!

I read this article at the start of the year on the recommendation of a friend and although I have spent a little money on Beth this year I liked the concept.  Graham and I have always tried to spend money sensibly so we can save for the important things.  I hate waste and so we try to reuse and recycle.  And having a clutch of like minded friends means we swap clothes and unwanted goods around the group.  Arthur has more cloth nappies than he’ll ever need thanks to the kind sharing of his older sister and my loving friend.  I’d say both kids have lots of time rather than lots of money spent on them.  And I like it this way.  We didn’t have much when I was a kid and really, when you are four years old, it’s the fuss and attention that’s more important.   For Beth’s birthday we did buy her a Katie Morag book and a sweet note pad because she loves writing and drawing, but the highlight of her birthday was her horse ridding trek, which in total cost £10.



After the horse trek we had dinner with family and I baked vegan vanilla and chocolate cake. It’s my friends recipe and it’s really simple. I avoid dairy and I like eating less animal produce.  Graham is a MASSIVE carnivore and is reluctant to miss even one meal without some animal produce.  It drive me crackers!  He takes humus and lunch meat sandwiches to work most days but would never consider to leave out the meat.  Beth and I are happy to cut the meat but Graham is a tougher cookie to beat.  Have you ever read Vegan Lunchbox?  It is a blog  and book written by Jennifer McCann.  Just now it is my go to for inspiration but I think becoming a full vegan takes great commitment.



At the weekend we had a Teddy bear picnic in our church hall.  The church kindly gave us the hall for free and each parent bought a dish to share.  I decorated the hall with home made bunting, colorful blankets and some pillows from home. The day before Beth and I made crayons and sewed brooches to give as thank you gifts, and my friend Thom helped run the party.  It was a great day and the kids had a lovely time. In the evening we had friends round for drinks and adult celebrations. The perfect end to a lovely week


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