Arthur started eating solids this month.  I had wanted to wait till he was six months before he started eating but this boy had other ideas.  He is a non-stop food guzzling machine! He ate half a tub of beetroot humus and cried when I took the rest away from him.  I have bibs that Beth wore as a baby but the mess is so much that I now just strip him and then leave him to it.  Baby lead weaning is a messy process.
One afternoon I left Arthur on his back kicking his legs on his mat. I went upstairs to answer the phone and came down to find he had rolled over to the other side of the room.  How he got that far in 5 minuets? I have no idea, but I was impressed!

And lastly, yesterday I was showing a friend how he had cut his first tooth when we discovered over night he had cut another! Two teeth at five months?  How different he is to his sister.  Beth didn’t cut through her first tooth till she was 8 months. ImageImage

It was my birthday last weekend and a few of us went to Loch Lomond to celebrate.  It was such a clear night.  We could see the milky way, a few recognizable constellations, and we spotted two zooming satellites pass by.  It was the perfect treat to this city dweller.   


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