Paper Play


We make a lot of things out of paper in our house. Bus tickets become airplanes, gifts are decorated with origami flowers, scrap paper become a bed for a teddy or a farm for the animals. So it was only natural that we have some festive paper fun. The toymaker has a great resource of free printable paper crafts.



I am developing a crazy obsession with Sweden. Why you ask? Well, I read an article about this British family that couldn’t afford a house in the UK and after years of struggling and working hard for little reward the family on a spur of the moment decided to buy a house out right in a small village in Sweden.  For what cash they had saved up over the years they bought a 5 bedroom farm house with tons of surrounding land.  They couldn’t speak any Swedish and hadn’t even been to the country before the day they moved in to their new house. It’s inspiring that they took this gamble. Their kids have opportunities they couldn’t afford in the UK and the family now own 17 sleigh dogs and run their own business. Their sink or swim attitude forced them to learn the language and start the life they wanted. And Sweden? Well it’s a pretty great place to live.


So through this new found passion I found a recipe for traditional meat balls.  It’s fully of dairy and will stick to your ribs but it was so delicious and warming. I think the writer of this recipe is just a wee bit in love with Sweden too. I made double the amount of meatballs and froze them for another meal.  Really, we’ve had four meals out of this recipe.


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