Wrapped in (expensive!) wool






I’ve been knitting for five years and yet I still haven’t knitted something for myself.  Last year I was so over stretched that I didn’t manage much knitting when I was pregnant.  So for the last 8 months I’ve been trying to catch up on all the projects I had planned for baby Arthur.  Although, in the back of my mind I kept thinking “In the new year I’m gonna make something JUST for me to wear”. I’ve also been picking up and dropping a tea leaves cardigan I’m knitting for a friend.  It’s getting there but I have too much emotions wrapped in making it.  It’s silly really.

For Christmas I asked family if they could give me vouchers for John Lewis because they have a lovey yarn selection.  And the best bit?  Well they have a massive boxing day sale and selected yarns are cut to half price. Really it’s a perfect combination of gorgeous yarns, reduced prices, and talented staff.  The store has a resident member at hand to pass on her vast skills and knowledge.  I told her the patterns I had in mind and she knew them all! She knew them like the days of the week. I plan on making the modified adult version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern and the help I got was wonderful! She told me to leave out the eyelets because I have a bust and what stitches I should pick up on the arms to help it pull less. Plus she carried Arthur while I picked the yarns I liked best.

The other yarns are tagged for Graham and the kids, and I’m equally excited to see them wear the end results.  Did you see the Rowan Cocoon? It is unbelievably soft and will be put aside for Arthur’s first birthday. I want to knit him this then I want to snuggle him like a teddy bear when he wears it. Yum! I think Beth will be getting new leg warmers to wear in the spring months and Graham is getting a hat. Every attempt to knit a hat thus far has been too small on his huge head. Hats seem to be my down fall.

I cast on my February Sweater last night but we had friends visiting so I put the needles down.  I’ve long learnt that wine and knitting is a terrible combination for me. So this morning I plan on getting properly into it while simultaneously supervising Arthur furniture walking around the house.  He keeps playing with the bin and hiding behind the Christmas tree. What a pest! The days of knitting with a sleeping babe on my chest have passed yet again.


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