Over the weekend

Oh. MY. Glob! I gave a huge bag of clothes to charity AND I’ve stupidly lost Beth’s ALMOST completed spring tunic.  Along with my circular needles and most a skein of an over priced yarn! It got mixed up with the clothes and I didn’t remember about it until after the weekend. Argh!

So today I had to replace the two balls of yarn (now each priced at £8.50) and purchase another set of needles. Boo! She isn’t going to be wearing it in two weeks. I have to do packing, Arthur’s gift making, a job interview, Easter, family staying.  It’s just the worst!

In better news we met a friendly puppy at the weekend and Arthur was really taken with him.





My friend is going through a rough time with her Mother’s health at the moment so it was great to have a rare night with her on Friday.  We had tickets for Goldfrapp.  It’s not a secret that we’re both a touch are in love with her.  An old friend was working on the bar at the venue so we had plenty free drinks (more than plenty!) to keep us going.

here is me the following day….Looking still a bit drunk!





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